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Cad's Farm is a first-generation family farm cobbled together based on a love of Wyoming, wildlife, and small-town life. Out of ingenuity first and virtue later, we’ve transitioned the farm to what is most often no-till. We recently added cattle and are excited to explore the possibility of scaling up this enterprise and adding organic matter and natural nitrogen to increase soil health. We embrace our role as stewards of the land, community, and family and look forward to providing a healthy and tasty product from our farm to your table.

Looking for a better way to buy local beef? 


Cad’s Farm sells grass-fed and finished beef with no added hormones or antibiotics. Order now (a quarter, half, or whole beef) for local delivery from July through December. This year, 2023, all cows came to our Willwood family farm from local South Fork ranches. At Cad’s Farm, animals are finished on an irrigated multi-species grass pasture on the Willwood eating their fill of fresh green grass all summer. We’re taking pre-orders now with a $100 deposit. Delivery begins mid-July. The price for a whole or half beef is $3.95/pound hanging carcass weight plus processing (prices are well below the National Monthly Grass Fed Beef Report). The price for a quarter beef is $4.15/pound plus processing. We anticipate 325-400 pound hanging weight for a half beef resulting in about 140 pounds of ground beef, 35 pounds of steak and 56 pounds of roast. Please call Alex at 307-316-3350 with questions.

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